Very simply, the Law of Attraction is the principal that ‘like attracts like’.

Everything in our Universe is made up of vibrating energy. Incredibly small, but fast vibrating atoms and molecules are what make up our universe. To our eyes the world appears to be solid, but it’s not!  Even your computer screen is not really solid; it’s comprised of malleable energy.

Humans too are made up of energy, as are our thoughts and emotions. Different thoughts hold different vibrational frequency.

Through our thoughts, we create our reality.  All that we have and experience in our lives, has occurred because we have thought it into being first.

So how is this possible?

As I mentioned, each of our thoughts vibrates at a different frequency. The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like. So, when our vibrational  ( energy ) thought offers the specific frequency  ( energy) that it does to the universe, a matching frequency of energy is attracted to it from the Universe. When this happens, the manifestation that matches that frequency appears into your reality. It’s important to note that many factors can influence how and when the manifestation occurs ( it’s not instantaneous ) but that’s the basic formula.


Here’s an example;

A person who always worries and fears not having enough money, is holding a vibrational frequency of a lack of money. So, because this thought is constant in their mind, the Universe has to reflect back what it receives…which is more lack of money. Continuous thinking, feeling and believing there is never enough money = never having enough money.

The universe reflects back, whatever you hold in your mind continuously.


Of course this is a very, very simple explanation of how the LOA works. There are a few factors that I haven’t yet covered but this gives you the basic foundational understanding for it. The tricky part of  the LOA is the focusing of your thoughts and applying them to your advantage.


Learn how to choose your thoughts, and how to focus only on what you want, and you’ll be able to create a life for yourself that puts a grin on your face!

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