I heard a really good quote on a business podcast recently.  It gave me the biggest “aha moment”, and I’m hoping it gives you one too.


Ready for it?


“ The pain of not doing the thing you know you need to do, is always going to be worse than the pain of doing thing you need to do.”


Bit of a mouthful, but woah did it stop me in my tracks. The biggest lightbulb went off in my head!


I’ve always envied people who are all “ I’m a type A personality, I’m driven and I work so hard ”. I’ve never been able to relate to that, but I’ve so desperately wanted to have that ‘drive’.


Often that thing that we need to do; that thing we need to expand in our career and life, and the thing that will give us opportunity to grow… feels scary. We feel scared to do it because it means stepping out of our comfort zone. We let fear control our actions. We think we’re saving ourselves from the pain of feeling uncomfortable, by staying put and NOT doing the thing.


If only we could see, that by choosing to feel the (pain) of comfortability, we’re missing out on experiencing growth and new opportunities.


We’re missing out on living our best life.


That to me, is way more painful. To stop ourselves short from experiencing the excitement and abundance and possibilities that are on the other side of fear…. Is more painful than the short-term discomfort we might feel, when launching ourselves out of our cosy little comfort zone.


How uplifting; to think that short term pain might actually lead to long term gain. 


But you’re never going to get the chance to find that out, if you don’t get off your bum and do  that thing, you know you need to do.


Now I can see that we all feel fear, and are scared of the unknown. Regardless of what personality type you are! What separates those who go after their desires from those who don’t, is the ability to focus on long term gain, instead of short term ‘pain’.


Personally, I do a lot of work on the alignment step in manifesting, but shy away from the inspired action taking step. You’re not going get results if you do one and not the other!


I’m happy to meditate, create vision boards, write affirmations and gratitude lists… but then when it comes to sharing my work with the world, or producing content that will best serve others…. I get stuck. I get lazy and I let my fear override my opportunity to grow.


But. We are co-creators! We work with the universe to manifest our desires. This doesn’t mean that we ask the universe to provide us with our desires, as we sit back and wait for them to come to us.


No! It means we go out and make things happens for ourselves.


The universe will support anyone, who is willing to take inspired action.



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