Kind words from my clients

I felt a little bit under the water with my health and my life, like I was neglecting myself. I wanted to find the confidence to do and act on what my soul wanted. I wanted something more spiritual and I wanted to dig deep and find what makes me happy.

I had a good feeling from Lucy ever since we first connected. I truly felt that Lucy got me. When I was speaking she could hear the underline of where my thoughts came from – that I didn’t even know myself! She gave me a lot of Aha-moments!

The biggest lesson Lucy taught me that I don’t have to have all the answers to everything. When I was battling about my future career she gave me an action to ”not to think about it for a week”. It was such a relief to allow myself some time off! I still carry that thought today and the amount of stress that has been reduced from my life is indescribable.

Lucy, you are so gifted. Every time we had our session you listened to your intuition and you could really see me and what I was struggling with; even when I didn’t know myself.  

When I shared something I felt a bit embarrassed about, I didn’t feel any judgement. That is so important for clients to feel that they can share their thoughts and feel the supported at the same time. 
Lucy, you are gold!

Siri Bengtsson / Life Coach

Working with Lucy has been such an incredible, life-changing experience, and I have SO much appreciation for her! I knew of the Law of Attraction, and in some ways I had tried to apply it to my life, but I’d come across so much misleading information that I was feeling a little lost and confused about the whole concept.
Lucy was able to explain the LOA to me in a way that completely made sense, and that has honestly changed my whole perspective on my life and the world around me! She’s so kind and reassuring, reminding me that no matter what the situation, everything will always be OK, and to simply reach for better-feeling thoughts if I’m out of alignment.
I was feeling stressed- everything was becoming too serious and hard, but Lucy helped me let go of those worries and instead ALLOW fun, relaxation and joy into my life! I’m feeling so much happier- amazing experiences and things are flowing to me easily because I now have the knowledge and awareness to be able to recognise when I’m not feeling good, and can slowly shift my thoughts so I can radiate positive energy!
Lucy, you are AMAZING, thank you for everything, you have changed my life! xx

Heidi Rose / Website Designer

Honestly at the start of my coaching with Lucy I was so unsure if I would have it in me to commit to changing myself from a mindset that I had just drilled into myself for years.

After the first few sessions I had taken the steps to make an improvement in myself and have incredibly made a really positive impact and have surprised myself with the amount of things I have learnt and now apply into my life.

Lucy was kind, helpful, and understanding and at the end of every session I left feeling 10x more positive and motivated. I can’t thank Lucy enough 🙂


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