I haaaate feeling jealous. And up until recently, jealousy would really get to me. I found it hard to shake!

Luckily things have changed, and I know how jealousy can help me to make positive changes in my life.  And, by the time you finish reading this, you will too.

You’ll understand how jealousy blocks you off from manifesting what you want, and you’ll know how to appreciate jealousy for what it really is. It might surprise you.


So, I’ve had an uncomfortably close relationship with jealousy throughout my life. Thinking back, I’m now embarrassingly  aware of how tight jealousy and I really were.

There’s one particular girl in my life, that jealousy and I used to bond over the most. I’ll call her Abby.Of course, at the time, I was in complete denial that the emotion I felt around Abby was jealousy.


Any thought that you focus on for long enough, will draw to it a thought of a similar vibration. And then another one, and another. Throw in strong emotions tied to that thought, and the speed at which your jealousy grows will give you whiplash.


With time,  my jealousy of her grew like wildfire. And what’s worse… I’d add fuel to that fire by bitching and complaining about her. Safe to say jealousy was not a good influence on me.


So what was I so jealous about?!


Was it her #girlboss corporate job in the city, where she had her own assistant and a bajillion dollar salary?


Was she so pretty that I felt the urge to wear a paper bag over my head, whenever I was around her?


Was it her perfect Instagram feed that reflected her (only slightly less) perfect lifestyle?



I was consumed by a green cloud of jealousy because she was… so damn confident. 


You could feel how secure within herself she was. She radiated self-confidence.

It was a stark contrast to me at that time, as I was a ‘tad’ insecure back then. If that wasn’t already super obvious.

Happily, I can safely say; that was then, and this is now. And NOW I know better. And I know exactly how to use the feeling of jealousy to help me, rather than to hinder me.


I’ll let you in on the secret of what jealousy truly is, and this secret is crucial to stopping your jealousy in it’s tracks.


I was witnessing Abby BEING IN ALIGNMENT.  She was a vibrational match to that of what she wanted; self-confidence.

I watched her from my position of complete dis-alignment. My jealousy was proof that I was NOT a vibrational match to the self-confidence I desperately wanted.


If I had been in alignment with my desire for self-confidence, I wouldn’t have felt even a drop of jealousy. 


 Here’s how to see jealousy for the good it can bring to your life…

You know how you can set reminders on your phone? The alarm goes off on the date and time you’ve set it to, and it pops up on your screen to let you know you have a doctor appointment, or to record Married At First Sight?

You can use that twinge of jealousy in the SAME WAY. That twinge is merely a reminder for you; it’s saying:

“HEY!!! You feel jealous because you’re looking at someone who’s in alignment. They have what you want because they’re in alignment!  Time for you to move your  focus towards getting into alignment too. You need to become a vibrational match to what you want”.



Now here’s three things you can do, should you happen to find yourself in an “I hate Abby” type situation like I was.


Begin with acknowledging the feeling to yourself.

Don’t do what I did, and pretend that you don’t like someone because they’re not perfect. You know it’s cause you’re jealous, and that’s ok.

Or go one step better. I could have been honest with Abby. I could have told her how I felt, and told her how much I admired her self-confidence.

Acknowledging the feeling, especially to the person who your jealousy is aimed at, can be a great way to release the power it’s holding over you. Every single person has felt jealous in their lives, I’m sure that Abby would have been able to relate to me!



They’re your handy reminder that you’re not focusing on getting into alignment…and you need to be!

I could have been grateful for the reminder that I wasn’t in alignment. Instead I used those twinges of jealousy to keep my dislike of Abby going. I fuelled that jealousy fire, and it didn’t feel good!



If your focus is on feeling jealous, and yuck because of it… you’re not a vibrational match to what you want. You’re a vibrational match to what you don’t want; even more jealousy!

When you’re in alignment you become a vibrational match to what you want. From that position you’re ready to receive your manifestation at any time.


And now you know! Jealousy can support you in staying on track to manifesting what you want.


Let jealousy remind you, not consume you!
















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