You. Are. Not. Alone.


When it comes to manifesting your soulmate… the Universe has your back. The Universe is on your team.


It wants you to find your person, and what’s more, it will do everything in its’ power to lead you to them… if you will allow it to.


Whatever you ask for, the Universe always provides. No exceptions.


Trust me.


The Universe kept putting me and my boyfriend together, many times, before I finally allowed the opportunity in to meet him.


We weren’t from the same city… but we had moved to Byron at the same time. Coincidence? I think not…


He was in Byron when I was… and yet nothing happened. Despite us seeing each other everywhere, being in the same place at the same time… nothing happened.


Then, there was that day I ran into him in a bar… in Ios. As in, the Greek island. 


That’s how much the Universe has your back! The Universe works in mysterious ways and will do what it takes to help you meet your soulmate.


All that time, I’d been feeling sorry for myself because I really wanted to meet my soulmate… but I was focusing on the fact that I hadn’t yet. This is not an ideal combo, for attracting your person.


Focusing on the not having… brings more of the not having.


You see?


I remember the moment I chose to let go of wishing and waiting for it to happen.  I’d just gotten back from travelling… and I was sick of feeling like I was missing out.


It was time to change my mindset about my relationship status.


I sat on my bed and decided to write out everything I was looking for in my soulmate. But, most importantly, I resolved to trust that the Universe would provide what I’d asked for.


And until that time came… I was going to have fun, and stop feeling sorry for myself!!


That decision brought incredible relief with it.  


Before I share with you the exact steps I took to manifest my soulmate… you need to know this.


How you feel about yourself, is going to determine when, where, how and… IF you’ll meet your soulmate.


Your self-worth is paramount.  


So what did I do specifically? What was it that finally allowed the Universe to put us together… at a time we were both open to meeting each other?


How did I finally manifest my soulmate…?


Part 2 still to come…


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