Ben and I about to get into a door-less helicopter to fly over the Napali Coastline in Kauai. No doors, no worries (well there were lots of worries… but I did it anyway!)


Your comfort-zone is where your dreams go to die.


Getting out of that comfort-zone might feel uncomfortable, but inevitably it makes you feel better than taking the easy, dream killing option, time and time again.  Ie. never doing anything that feels uncomfortable.

If we want to grow, as people, in all areas of our lives we can’t stay in our comfort zone. Growth is always going to feel uncomfortable and I think it’s easy to think that feeling uncomfortable means we are notin alignment… but that’s not true.

When you’re in alignment you’re connected to source. Or the Universe. Or God. Or whatever you want to call it. When you’re in alignment you have the courage to take steps in order to fully show up for yourself. To move towards making those dreams happen.


Action towards growth WILL feel uncomfortable because it’s new, it’s not something you have done before; the unknown is scary.


When you’re in your comfort-zone you feel fine. You feel safe. Maybe even relieved. But you don’t feel incredible.

In order to grow, you’ll feel uncomfortable and scared… and you do the thing despite  feeling scared because deep down you know that it’s ok to do things that scare you. Not only is it ok to do things that scare you… it’s vital that you do them.

Being in alignment and feeling good, feeling ease, feeling happiness… doesn’t count when you’re choosing to feel good by avoiding the scary things (that you need to do to grow as a person). That is your comfort-zone.

That’s the opposite of being in alignment! We are always moving and evolving, we are made of energy: are you moving forwards or are you moving backwards in life?


I’ll paint you a little picture of me living in my comfort-zone many years ago; I was working in a job that I didn’t hate, but I didn’t love it either (and not working on any goals/dreams on the side).  I was in relationships that didn’t light me up…. but I didn’t want to be single so it was less scary to stay. I’d always eat foods that felt good in the moment, but left me feeling crappy later on. I would spend my money on pointless things that I thought I needed in order for my ego to be satisfied, instead of saving it to go towards something that could really improve my life.  My comfort zone did not make an exciting life, or an interesting person out of me that’s for sure.


So let me ask you; are you in alignment when you have dreams and goals for yourself… but your spare time is spent watching Netflix, or going out drinking all weekend? Or is that your comfort-zone? I’ve been there and done that, too.



Sometimes being in alignment means feeling good,after you’ve felt uncomfortable first.



But, truly getting into alignment, requires a deep, scary level of getting honest with yourself and asking the tough questions about the choices you’re making, and the way you’re spending your time.

Really getting into alignment means being willing to get used to feeling uncomfortablewhilst your stepping outside that comfort zone.



Sometimes it’s about postponing the feeling good ‘right now’… and knowing the ‘good’ you’ll feel later will be all the more-greater.


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