Don’t use the law of attraction as a crutch. ie. An excuse to sit back and receive the manifestations you’ve asked for.


That’s been my biggest mistake that I’ve been doing for, oh just 14 years.


I know that when I first came across the Law of Attraction, I watched the Secret. I thought it was the coolest thing ever. How amazing that you can think about what you want, and then the universe delivers it! All you have to do is put out positive vibes and Bob’s your uncle.


I was 14 or 15, I cant remember, but that’s when I first got hooked. I didn’t really get into to it properly until I was 18;then came…. my Abraham Hicks addiction.


When you start to watch Abraham Hicks videos, or read their books, I don’t think I’m alone in saying, that it brings a sense of excitement with it. It’s like you’re seeing the world through new eyes!


It also brings with it, a sense of relief.


I would read anything and everything I could get my hands on that was remotely related to the Law of Attraction. The sense of relief I’m talking about, was the realization that you’re not alone in the world. That your life can improve drastically, if you start focus your energy on what you want, instead of what you don’t want. Learning that we all have access to this the abundance and infinite possibilities…and the life we can create from that is exhilarating and, like I said feels like a big weight has been lifted off your shoulders.


The thing is, yes, the path to take towards manifesting (with intention) definitely starts with your mind and your thoughts. Yes, you need to take the path of least resistance with your thoughts. Yes, you need to get into alignment as often as possible. Which means more ease and relaxation and fun in your life. Awesome!


BUT.  And this is where I fell short (and short is an understatement).


You have to get off your butt and still DO. Still take action. Still move forwards.


And sometimes this means doing things you don’t want to do…


Why do we have to take action? Even if it means sacrificing fun, rest, time or whatever? Because we have to meet the universe half way.


And that’s the part I chose to ignore for 14 years. I’ve been all about the alignment, the mindset, the getting my energy right.


I kept tricking myself into thinking when my mindset is perfect, and when I’m truly in alignment, that’swhen I’ll feel inspired and motivated…. and I’ll know what action to take and what to do.


I had it all so very, very wrong.


My obsession with alignment, and being in ‘receiving mode’,  and  all the mindset stuff was absolutely helpful, if not necessary when manifesting with intention. But, it all means nothing if you are not pairing it with ACTION. Inspired action.


In reality, I was using the Law of Attraction as a crutch, as an excuse to be fearful of going and out making things happen for myself. I was letting fear control what I could manifest. Which is nothing good if fear is in charge. I clung on to the ALIGNMENT component of the LOA and made sure than I ignored the taking action part.


Here’s an example of what I mean.


I’ve always hated the idea of working at a job I don’t like.  So over the years, my habit would be to work as little in that job as possible… and to focus on the negatives. All of the negatives. And I would bitch and complain non stop. I’d hate on the job, but do nothing about it!


I chose to play the victim. Ew.


What I could have done was be resourceful, and I could have put all my self-development knowledge to good use. I could have looked for the positives, I could have seen each job as a stepping stone, I could have MADE A PLAN OF ACTION FOR MY FUTURE, AND ASKED MYSLEF WHAT DO I ACTUALLY WANT IN LIFE?!


Sorry to yell, but I feel like I could shake myself looking back at the ‘poor me’ mindset I had.


I did not actively participate in my own life and my happiness. I did not implement all the knowledge I was gaining.


So my biggest mistake, up until pretty recently, is really understanding that; yes life is meant to be easy, fun, abundant and all that,  and of course that is our birth right…. but it’s not going to be any of those things, if you don’t actively participate in the creation of those things. You with me?


If you’re waiting to feel ready to take action in making your life better, you’ll be waiting forever.


We are co-creators in this universe. It’s a team effort. Us + the universe.


Like I said, one of my biggest lesson/struggle and opportunity for growth has been with work. For so long I kept thinking I’m above working in a job that is bad pay, in a job that isn’t what I want to do. In a job that doesn’t fulfil me in every way possible.


Now I see that by working in a job I don’t like, I’m helping myself in the future.


And in that future I will have the life I want. I’m working on my side business that I LOVE. And I’m going to be working in a job I don’t love so much.


The Universe knows what I want, and I’m meeting it half way.


If you don’t get off your bum and you keep making excuses for anything and everything, you’re going to be on your bum still making the same excuses in 20. Years. Time.


Don’t use the Law of Attraction as a crutch like I’ve been doing.


The Law of Attraction is your secret weapon, it’s your support and it’s your inspiration. It’s your doorway to endless possibilities.


But it’s not your reason to wait for everything you want to just… come to you.  If you look at it that way, you’ll be waiting forever.








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