For the past six months I’ve been doing a lot of travelling, and it’s been so much fun! All the excitement of travel and exploring new places aside; one aspect of travel that I’ve really, really loved is all the free time I’ve had to spend on my own self work.


I’ve been practicing the art of self-care, love and appreciation for myself.


I’ve come a loooong way when it comes to loving myself. I loved and supported myself enough to launch my business, woo! If I’m honest, this time last year I was not team Lucy. I wasn’t feeling much love for myself at all. I was all “you can’t do this Lucy”. I was full of self-doubt, self-criticism and often thought I wasn’t good enough to have my own business. It did not feel good.


So why have I been working on loving myself now?


Because I know the more I love, accept and support myself, the more life will love and support me back. The Law of Attraction is the principle that like attracts like. Therefore, what you give to the universe (through your energy and vibration) is what you’ll get back from the universe.


If you want your life to be full of people, experiences and things you love; learn how to love and accept yourself for who you are…and not for who you think you should be. The manifestations you’ll receive by doing this will absolutely amaze you!


I’m well aware that this isn’t something that’s going to be achieved overnight. But you have to start somewhere right? I’ve made a commitment to myself to work on this every day…and I’ve been sticking to it. And even that in itself, feels really good.


You have it in you to do the same, I know it.


Here’s another way of looking at it. By accepting yourself for who you are, you feel self-worth. When you feel self-worth, you feel worthy and deserving of receiving all the good things in life. So you will.


Obviously self-love is a huge topic and I haven’t even scratched the surface of it now. It’s a topic I’ll be talking about a lot in the future because it plays such an incredibly important part in the manifestation process. It also happens to be a topic that I cover in detail in my coaching sessions.


For now, please know that there is someone who loves you for who you are already. The universe does! It knows you’re perfect just as you are. It wants to show you just how much it appreciates you, by giving you everything that you ask for. How loving is that!


So I encourage you to explore this idea for yourself; the most important step of manifesting is learn how to love the creator of your life…that’s you!!


Lucy xx

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