For the longest time, my mood was subjective to circumstances outside of my control.  I’d be happy when life was going smoothly, but when something happened that I didn’t like…. that was another story!


Getting an awesome grade on my Uni assignment meant……happy Lucy.  The night before, spent finishing the assignment (until the early hours of the morning) …. meant stressed out Lucy.


Going to work………. always unhappy Lucy.


When the weekend would roll around…. back to happy Lucy!


….. inevitably I’d be in despair at some stage over the weekend with an outfit issue…. I’d be so concerned that I’d nothing new to wear and I wouldn’t go out unless I had a new outfit; otherwise I wouldn’t enjoy myself. Seriously. 


Notice a pattern here?


I’d been handing over all responsibility of my happiness to situations beyond my control! I’d let circumstances and people keep me feeling happy or sad.


All my emotions were created outside of me. Ohh dear.


When you let this happen…. you’re giving away your power. You block yourself off from the  enjoying life to your full potential.  It’s a volatile way to get those good feelings you love so much!


Don’t get me wrong; it’s completely ok to react to ‘life’ happening. You’re not a robot! But when you feel defeated by things not going to plan…. or when you fall into the trap of believing that; “I’ll be happy when.….” BS……That’s when you’re in trouble.


The trick is to get your mindset feeling good as often as you can; by choice. You’ll enjoy your life more, you’ll let go of feeling shitty if, and when, things don’t work out….and ironically life will get better.


That’s the beauty of the Law of Attraction!


Obviously, it’s going to take a little time to get the hang of it.


I’ll admit I do I struggle with one aspect of this whole idea…  


I’ve a pretty good handle on how to not to let circumstances and situations bring me down. My resolve for this was tested a LOT in the past 6 months whilst I’ve been travelling…. from stolen passports to airline ticket disasters, to driving anywhere in Italy (so terrifying!) and even a scooter accident thrown in the mix!


…. these were all the perfect opportunities to test my focus!  I managed to rise above it and continued cheerily on each time. It was all good.




When it comes to rising above people…. particularly when they piss me off or upset me…. that’s where my resistance kicks in.


Why? Because I take things they say and do personally! PLUS, I have expectations on how people should act in order to please me.


Talk about a recipe for disaster!


When I take people’s behaviour personally; I’m giving away my power. What they say and do has nothing to do with me. It’s a reflection of what’s going on within themselves.


When I choose to believe that anyone HAS to act in a way to make me happy…. well that’s ludicrous. I can’t control others, and it’s no one’s responsibility but my own to make me happy.


 Feeling good needs to come from the inside out, not from the outside in.


It’s focusing on feeling good that is what puts your mindset in the sweet spot you need it to be in…. in order to manifest more of the good stuff.  


If you don’t support yourself in feeling happy…. it’s more likely you’ll end up manifesting more of the bad stuff.


My coaching is all about helping you cultivate a mindset that’ll empower you to feel good by choice rather than by re-action.


With a mindset that focuses on feeling good as a priority, you’ll be like a magnet for the manifestations that you desire.


It’s a win win!








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